Sunday, April 25, 2010

Killer Frog

Plant is eating animals

Poisonous Pitcher Plant

Friday, March 12, 2010

হংকং এর আকাশে উড়তে পারছে না পরিয়ায়ী পাখিরা

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হংকং এর আকাশ ফুঁড়ে উঠছে সুউচ্চ সব ভবন৷ এতই উচু হচ্ছে ভবনগুলো যে এর উপর দিয়ে পাখিরা উড়ে যেতে পারছে না৷ সমুদ্রের বুকে মাটি ভরাট করে উদ্ধার করা হচ্ছে নতুন নতুন এলাকা৷ সেখানে গড়ে উঠছে শহর৷ সমস্যা বেঁধেছে এই উন্নয়ন নিয়েই৷


কয়েকদিন আগে পাখি বিষয়ক এক খবরে বলা হলো দাগি লেজ জৌরালি বা বার ‘টেইলড গডউইট' নামের একটি জলচর পাখি আকাশে বিরতিহীনভাবে সাত হাজার ২০০ মাইল পাড়ি দিয়েছে৷ শীতকালে অতিথি পাখির হাজার হাজার মাইল পথ পাড়ি দেওয়া কোনো নতুন ঘটনা নয়৷ কিন্তু টানা আট দিনের বেশি স্থায়ী ভ্রমণ এবং এ ভ্রমণে সাত হাজার ২০০ মাইল পাড়ি এই প্রথম পর্যবেক্ষণ করেছেন বিজ্ঞানীরা৷ এ পাখিটি সুদূর আলাস্কা থেকে প্রশান্ত মহাসাগর পার হয়ে নিউজিল্যান্ডে পৌঁছায়৷ এ সময় পাখিটি কোনো বিশ্রাম নেয়নি, খাবারও গ্রহণ করেনি৷ বিজ্ঞানীরা পাখিটির গতিবিধি রেকর্ড করে বলেছেন, প্রাণিজগতে এমন ঘটনা অভূতপূর্ব৷ এটি একটি উদাহরণ মাত্র৷

Monday, March 1, 2010

Recent Videos for chile earthquake.

USGS: Chile Earthquake 'Alarming' 3:42
Jessica Sigala, from the USGS tells CBS News Chile's earthquake was far more powerful than the one in Haiti and has sent strong waves prompting ...

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USGS: Chile Earthquake 'Alarming' 3:42
Jessica Sigala, from the USGS tells CBS News Chile's earthquake was far more powerful than the one in Haiti and has sent strong waves prompting ...

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The President Speaks on Chile Earthquake 2:21
President Obama makes a statement on the earthquake in Chile.

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Strong earthquake hits Chile, Tsunami warning issued in region 0:33
FOLLOW LATEST UPDATES ON CHILE QUAKE at and at A massive earthquake and a series of aftershocks have hit Chile ...

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Chile Earthquake 2007 footage 2:53 A strong earthquake has rocked parts of Chile in South America, cracking roads, bringing down buildings and knocking out power ...

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Terremoto Valparaiso Chile Earthquake cataclysm FULL NATGEO 2:02
La simulacion de un cataclismo en valparaiso chile. Esta vez la edicion completa, no solo la parte final.Reportaje emitido por natgeo.

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Chile earthquake kills dozens 1:02
Dozens of people have been killed following an earthquake measuring 8.8 in Chile. . . Follow us on twitter at

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Chile Earthquake 2010! 3:01
this is a description of what happend on 2/27/2010

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Chile Earthquake  8.8 Magnitude  and Tsunami hit 2010 CNN Breaking News is 2012 Doomsday Real? 5:34
Is this a preview what will happen everywhere on earth in 2012, a warning to us all A massive earthquake with an initial magnitude of 8.8 has ...

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Chile Earthquake 2010 (Tsunami Alert !!!) - Earth Channel 3:24 Strong Earthquake in Chile !!! - 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocks central Chile ! - 700 confirmed dead; number expected to rise ...

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Raw Video: Chile's Quake Caught on Camera 0:30
Surveillance cameras captured images of Chile as it shook violently as the nation was hammered by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake Saturday morning ...

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Chile earthquake caught on CCTV as death toll rises 0:27
Security footage has been released showing the moments when the 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck central Chile. It is now confirmed that at least ...

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Obama on the Chile earthquake 1:42
President Barack Obama pledges US support to the people of Chile following a huge earthquake. . . Follow us on twitter at

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Chile Earthquake tsunami warning issued .  28th 2nd 2010. 3:19
A tsunami warning has been issued for New Zealand and much of the Pacific following a massive earthqauke in Chile on Saturday evening, with waves ...

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Chile EarthQuake Plus Hawaii Tsunami 2:05
Earlier this Saturday on February 27th of 2010 Chile experienced a massive Earthquake that has a scale of 8.8. With the cause of the eartquake at ...

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Chile Earthquake 2010 - Shocking Pictures 3:53
Chile Earthquake 2010 Sound: Norah Jones - Shoot the moon Chile Earthquake 2010 Sound: Norah Jones - Shoot the moon Chile Earthquake 2010 Sound ...

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BREAKING: Chile earthquake 2010 Footage 1:06
Download at: 122 people have died as a result of the Chile earthquake 2010.It's being compared to last month's ...

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Chilean Earthquake.wmv 3:12
A movie/rap on the 1960 Chilean earthquake and tsunami i made a day before it was due. Its an educational rap. Listen to it

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Chile's earthquake explained 1:12
Al Jazeera's Steff Gaulter explains what caused the Chile earthquake and why the Latin American nation is so prone to huge temblors.

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